About me : Hello visitors, I am Kiran . I love to read and write about life philosophy. Everyone has different perceptions about life .Through this website I wish to share my views regarding different situations in life. I hope readers will be able to relate with my articles. My website provides a platform where readers can also share their views as well .

Keep reading , keep writing , keep learning ...

Here comes my articles :

Article 1:  Expect the unexpected

Article 2: Your “actions” are probably the “reactions” you get from the world!

Article 3:  Flow with time  

Article 4:  “Maturity” and not “age” is what matters

Article 5:  Life is a "roller coaster ride" !!!

Article 6 : “Self -control”: precaution is better than cure … “as they say”!!

Article 7 : Flexible approach is directly proportional to a content life 

Article 8: Happiness is a "choice"

Article 9: Growth is a lifelong process

Article 10: Learn to let go

Article 11 : Give some time to time

Article 12 : What we plan is just a mere thought, but what “he” plans is indeed an “action”!!!  

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