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Give some time to time

Time is a powerful instrument of healing and peace. Time has the power to change everything. Whether it is your physical appearance, or the environment you are living in, or the people you are connected to, everything gradually changes. It is very important to have this awareness that we live in a dynamic environment. We canít hold time. Now, having this awareness that time is the magic wand that can change many scenarios, we need to keep this thing in mind that the pace and direction in which we want our life to move on, depends on the amount of efforts we put in.

Time has command over our power to remember and forget. For instance, think about the matters that made you worried in the past. I can guarantee you that most of the problems donít even exist now. So, basically my point is that, if we practice on controlling over what we want to keep in our mind and what we want to discard actually plays the main role.  Most of the time the future events we worry about, does not even take place.  So, why not leave the rest in timeís hands and do whatever is feasible in the present situation. Likewise, we should keep reminding ourselves that how lucky we are to be blessed with so many beautiful things. This helps to keep your approach optimistic. Therefore, we should take decision with a stable mind, because time changes many things naturally.

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