What we plan is just a mere thought, but what “he” plans is indeed an “action”!!!

We all think that we live our lives in our way. Most of the time, we assume ourselves as puppeteers and think that our life will dance and move in the direction we wish. But, somewhere up there is the master of this whole drama. He is the one who controls our every single step.

We all wish to have everything best for us. But sometimes even after putting all our efforts we don’t get satisfied by the results. This is the time when the blame game starts. We start blaming god for not rewarding us with what we wished for. Isn’t it? Yes!!! We all do this and hurt nobody but ourselves. Only nature knows the best. We can’t force nature. If things are meant to happen in a certain way, no matter how much force you put in, you cannot change that. But, this definitely does not imply that you sit on your hands. The only control you have is on the amount of efforts or input you can put-in to achieve something you desire. You have no control on what output you get out of it.

If you achieve your desired results, good-enough, else anything better is planned for you by “him”. You might feel disheartened in that moment, but believe me something better is always waiting for you. Human beings have power to think. But this is not above “his” power.

Everything happens for a reason…

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