Happiness is a “choice”


Article 9


Happiness is a state of mind in which a person feels content. It is something which is felt within the heart and cannot be acquired from external means. Yes, we can say that external factors do help in making our heart blossom, but at the end of the day it is our self-satisfaction. In other words, it is a state of realization that whatever is offered to us is “ultimate”.

For instance, a person may feel “happy” through shopping or hanging out with friends, on the other hand, a person may experience happiness by simply sitting idle at home and not meeting anyone. Therefore, the metrics to feel happy may vary from person to person. Being happy or sad is merely a personal choice. To be happy a person first needs to be “at peace” with who he is. Many a times a person is not able to judge how to react and misunderstands his confusion about reactions, with sadness.

Most of the situations in our daily life do not even need any reaction. That does not mean you need to feel sad about a situation. It simply means that you don’t need to react on anything not meant for you. Every single person on this planet is walking on a different path, has different destination and different guidance.

One should not compare his or her life with any other person because everyone is gifted with an exclusive destiny. It is totally in our control to choose happiness over sadness by keeping a positive outlook in life. So, the real key to open the doors of happiness in your heart is to choose “optimism over pessimism”. Now this key to happiness cannot be bought from or sold to anybody, but is forged within your heart.

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